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The Devils Without Names

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Buffalo Sabres v New Jersey Devils Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images


Come let me tell you a tale

Of the devils without names!

They arrive unannounced

To set ice aflame!

Philosophers pose riddles

Of these goblins of yore

“Was there really such thing

As a Bryce Salvatore?”

No man can answer

A puzzle so lame

For no man remembers

Any one of their names

And that is the terror

Of the unnamed imps

“Who are these dipshits?”

You ask, as your team limps

To a 1-1 shootout loss at the end of it all

With a large-toothed rodent

Unnamed “Taylor Hall”

En espagnol

Ven y déjame contarte una historia

De los demonios sin nombres!

Llegan sin anunciar

Poner el hielo en llamas!

Los filósofos plantean acertijos

De estos goblins de antaño

"¿Había realmente algo así

¿Como Bryce Salvatore?

Nadie puede responder

Un rompecabezas tan cojo

Para nadie recuerda

Cualquiera de sus nombres

Y ese es el terror

De los imps sin nombre

-¿Quiénes son esos idiotas?

Usted pregunta, como su equipo cojea

A una derrota de 1-1 tiros al final de todo

Con un roedor de dientes grandes

Sin nombre: "Taylor Hall"

Run through Google translate to Spanish and Back again to English

Come and let me tell you a story

Of the demons without names!

Arrive unannounced

Put the ice on fire!

Philosophers pose puzzles

Of these goblins of yesteryear

"Was there really something like this?

Like Bryce Salvatore?

No one can answer

Such a lame puzzle

Nobody remembers

Any of their names

And that's the terror

Of the unnamed imps

"Who are those idiots?"

You ask, as your team limps

To a defeat of 1-1 shots at the end of everything

With a large rodent

Unnamed: "Taylor Hall"

??? @ Sharks

7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: We lose and can’t remember a single thing that happened