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Back from the dead

A useful ability, especially these days

The Kyle Clifford story
The Kyle Clifford story
Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Things have been awful since the Cubs won a World Series. It took Chicago no time to turn into obnoxious Red Sox type of fans, which is basically just a Blackhawk fan. Then the world sort of ended, which was actually a pretty unique move a team could pull.

Hail to the Chief. Thanks for this Cubs, you bastards. However, no, Fidel Castro is not the one back from the dead. That is Anze Kopitar, Marian Gaborik, and (to a less exciting extent) Andy Andreoff! They are no longer dead! Thanks to the dragon balls miracle of science.

The new lines have been...interesting.

Kopitar had been back sorta with proven top line talent, Dwight and Trevor, and it actually worked. It doesn't make sense, but also makes all the sense in the world. It's been a alcohol filled Thanksgiving break, please give me a break. I mean, Kopitar was lined up on the wing just yesterday, so I don't know what's real anymore.

Gaborik is with Shore and Nolan, because apparently they think he is Simon Gagne and this is the 2012 playoffs. Teddy Purcell is about to be in line at a soup kitchen. With three players coming back, there is one guy who is going to have to be moved if Gaborik and Andreoff both get activated. Hence, Purcell, soup kitchen, etc.

Did the other guys at our stupid site write anything for their gameday? Of course not. Cory wrote something yesterday I think, and it's been our sad sorry "readers" filling in the gaps in the meantime. Spade didn't include any pictures of mostly naked women this time, but he did have a really hot guy in there. Progress?

Prediction: Fuck you Kris Bryant. Kings lose 3-1.