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Kings Gameday: History will be made

Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox!

that face
that face
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Since Eddie Vedder inspired the city of Chicago, they had their lovable bunch of a highly touted superstars that everyone expected to do well, actually do well. It was terribly uninspiring and not surprising in the slightest. But a "curse" of being a shitty ass team for over a century finally ended and now the Lovable Losers are no more. They are a well crafted team that clearly deserved to win, and both the regular season and post-season showed that.

It was the worst way they could have possibly ever gone about winning.

But anyways, back to curses. The Kings are cursed with being a shitty hockey team over the past week or so and haven't scored a goal since Christ came back as holy zombie Christ. It's been three games now, and much like Christ there's been little activity in this dead period. But Christ came back on game four! So maybe there's a chance for the Kings.

But there is not. They aren't getting injured players back. The new lines will probably have Devin Setoguchi on the top line again or some other horse shit. Tom Gilbert will possibly be suspended because he embarrassed a Duck so badly with a hit the other night he pissed all over himself. This team is fucked.

It does not help that they are playing against the Pittsburgh Penguins, who won a Stanley Cup last go around. That's a team that has no problems scoring and is in no way cursed. Unlike, say, the Sharks who totally are. But I am not optimistic about the Kings either at this point.

What's more confusing is that even with Andy Andreoff and Brayden McNabb out, the Kings haven't brought anyone up from Ontario. Even for a quick stint on an emergency basis. THAT'S WHY THE MINOR LEAGUE TEAM MOVED TO BEING JUST DOWN THE ROAD. It's sort of weird. I would hope that it would be Zach Trotman and Adrian Kempe getting called up but it will probably be Kevin Gravel and Michael Mersch. Ho hum.

I for one look forward to seeing the Kings make history and not score for another game. It's got me holding my breath in anticipation. Or I am trying to knock myself unconscious out of boredom. Here's to never scoring a goal ever again!

Prediction: Kings lose 6-1 and then we truly have nothing.