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Escape to Canada

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O Canada. Our 2nd home and neighbor land.

what is going on here
what is going on here
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This is it everyone. It's all over. No more elections or campaigns or life as we know it because Donald Trump may shape shift into a five story tall demon like the bad guy at the end of video game. We could only be so lucky. Instead we will probably either get four years of him running a country or who knows how many years of him running Trump TV. I will miss his idiotic ramblings and outbursts of "WRONG" and "sit down" and "not a puppet" and "bad hombres" and "*sniff*".

The Kings however have decided on voting for "fuck this shit" and ran off to Canada preemptively. The election has them that distressed. Why else would they go to Canada? They will likely think better of it though once they encounter Steve Simmons. At that point though the Kings will have no choice but to stay in Canada since they won't be allowed back in because of Alec Martinez and our sudden new immigration policies.

The rest of the team should be ok due to their obvious whiteness.

Anyways, go vote. If you don't you cannot complain about how things turn out. Especially those lazy Canadians. They haven't turned out to vote in a U.S. election in large numbers since...ever I guess. Why do they hate democracy? Probably because it doesn't have enough grit and they traded it away.

Prediction: Trump wins, Kings lose, and I get realllyyyyyyyyyyyyy drunk. Democracy!