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We believe in my pleasure

Las Vegas NHL Franchise Reveals Team Name And Logo
“We believe in my pleasure.”
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

[Editor’s note: the following speech by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was created by feeding previous Gary Bettman statements into a predictive text application, sort of like what you get when you write text messages on your phone. As such, it is official policy of the NHL, and should be considered authoritative. —shampeon, unless I’ve done anything illegal, in which case my name is Stace Ofbase]

BETTMAN: The game is ultimately to make sure decisions have enormous respect, and we're focused on getting ready to celebrate our franchises. I haven't addressed you who controls me. That direction is obviously not about appropriate markets. Have the Players Association members and you questioned sports? Not even suffering is terrific. Our partners in Seattle and their hearts have enormous respect. As skaters with our game's growth in Winnipeg have paid physical and emotional legacy to deal directly with Sportvision chips, I hope simply that we will continue to work together to build something really competitive.

You should guarantee I haven't addressed the Players Association and I respect this decision. Our broadcast is terrific innovation, for example. That will continue chasing his sushi to the Honda Olympics. It wasn't consistent with anything.

We believe in my pleasure. you should serve on behalf of those judgments we don't necessarily publicly reach. I guess you think he's feeling you. That is wrong. You can't wait for our great business opportunity.

With respect, the season is going head-to-head during that respective history.

And we’re constantly evaluating our stamp. That will fail, or misogynist-you ask the question: have options for play every year, without getting specific with anything, supported the national anthems? I always hesitate to anoint any substantive discussions with fans.

A terrific innovation is terrific. Not south. Not only the ice. The ice and the world. To look at Coors last night I took a little trip. For Brendan Shanahan I took the regular season and playoffs, and have missed you.

Hurricanes @ Sharks

7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: I always hesitate to anoint any substantive discussions with fans.