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But what about church?

*Overly deep voice* take me to church...’s chicken

I don’t know this just popped up when I searched for “vhurch”

Sunday morning games are awesome. Except when they interefere with football, but here’s the thing: the Rams suck! And aren’t playing today. So thank you Kings for filling in.

I suppose my massive sport intake on Sunday morning acts like my church going experience. I sit around for hours, yell “GOD” in various manners, and ask for impossible things (like Rebecca Lowe narrating my video game playing experiences). I did already do my praying this morning though since I sent my Christmas list off to Santa.

While it is totally fine to hold religious beliefs or whatever you wanna call it, I always found people praying for an outcome in sports to be fucking weird as shit. It’s asinine. It’s selfish. And it’s beyond petty. Do you really think some higher being is going to play favorites with sports teams?

No one cares! Stop being an asshole! Ask/pray for more important things that matter. Like finding getting a fresh box of donuts when you order them or that your taco you comes with free guac. God/Allah/Bob Dylan don’t care about your team and aren’t going to play favorites. Man, you people are strange. It’s like doing your goofy superstitious behavior for games in a really lazy manner. “Oh I’m just ask God to make my team beat your team because your city sucks and God likes us more.”

That’s crazy as hell sounding!

Prediction: Dear God, please let the Kings beat Boston because they are annoying as fuck and I have been a really good boy this year. Kings lose, 4-2.