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you know, like the Foreigner song

this is admittedly still one of my favorite hockey pictures ever
this is admittedly still one of my favorite hockey pictures ever
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Last game, the Kings won thanks to the likes of Jordan Nolan, Dwight King, and Trevor Lewis. These are names everyone who watches the Kings knows and sorta loves in a ironic sorta way. But kinda really too? Maybe. It's complicated. They're sorta like our version of Andrew Cogliano/Tommy Wingels except more memorable and are winners.

Anyway, they all scored in the same game, and I have no idea when that last happened, if ever. I could look it up, but some nerds could probably do it for me. Now while this should be, "damn straight you scored goals, it's about fucking time" we reacted more like, "AWWWWW we are so proud of you."

Because these players are "unsung". Especially Top Line Trevor Lewis. He's set up a dynasty with the Kings' "Unsung Player" Award. What the fuck does that even mean? Can you even be unsung when you have won the same damn award nine times in a row?

Unsung means not celebrated or praised. In hockey terms though it means a guy who has no real discernible strengths or skills but is always playing and often seeing way more minutes than they should.

Sounds more like that third line plug on your roster you overly cherish right?

Is there more to it than that? Sure, Lewis and King get time on the top line. Sure, both will see plenty of penalty kill action. Sure, both will be put on the power play or in the shootout for reasons unknown. And sure, most of the time Nolan is using his hands to cause a holding/roughing/interference penalty instead of for scoring goals. But is it them being bottom six guys and goofy as hell all it takes to be unsung?

Who's the most unsung player out there in the whole NHL? Does each team have truly unsung players? Do we have a guideline for who is unsung, because as soon as we praise them for their unsungness aren't they being celebrated/praised? It's a hell of a catch-22 if we go by the regular definition and not the sports world definition of "who fucking knows just say they are unsung".

I suppose in Trevor's case it's because he looks like he is trying hard and sorta fits wherever you put him. Because he does the same wherever he is playing: flails wildly, can't shoot, but backchecks and doesn't commit egregious turnovers regularly.

Dwight is a big guy that is scary, gets in fights not very often so that they are exciting, and every once in a while shows an unbelievable amount of skill. He is, again, big. He is slow as hell though because he is big, but is still a reliable penalty killer. He's very big. He also rocks a mean mustache from time to time and used to have a fro.

Jordan has...great hair. He also punches people a lot, but if he stopped playing like a goon he does display good skating and hands. But no, he plays like an idiot a lot so whenever he does something good it is blown up like 50 times.

So yeah, it's tough to tell what unsung is. I still don't know what it is. Because I just described three middling hockey players.

Prediction: Dwight King doesn't take kindly to being called "middling" and eats one of my kidneys. Kings lose 4-2.