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Boredom is a place on Earth

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and tonight it takes to the ice in Los Angeles

Sleepy time for me too, Dwight
Sleepy time for me too, Dwight
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This is, without a doubt, the worst week on the schedule this year for Battle of California. Usually, things slow down to a crawl for us whenever we have to do a gameday post about the Carolina Hurricanes. They are an unremarkable team, with unremarkable players. Nine times out of ten, you forget they exist. It's pretty bad when they cruise through California for their annual road trip to the west coast, and we consecutively struggle to think of anything about them. At all.

A similar thing happens with the Ottawa Senators. Primarily because they are the Carolina Hurricanes of Canada. Forgettable and barely tolerable, with red and black colors, a stupid as fuck logo, and no one knows where exactly they are actually from. The Canadian version, naturally, is Cup-less.

Wait, Carolina won a Cup before?

According to Wikipedia, yes this is true. I certainly don't recall it. Who did they play? It's anyone's guess but they would have to be a real shit show of franchise to lose a series to the Hurricanes. My only real memory of the Hurricanes is that they used to have nearly all the Staal brothers, and they traded the Kings Jack Johnson years ago and also Justin Williams. Neither move was a blockbuster deal because Johnson got traded at the draft or something and is Ebola on ice, and Williams was missing an arm or a leg when he got traded.

Since then...I don't know. Has Carolina even been playing games? Have they just mailed in their "record" to the NHL and we all took their word for it? Quite possible. It's akin yet again to the "if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?" question. Because clearly no one is watching them. Or the Senators for that matter. For being the land that loves hockey, Ottawa/Kanata/Narnia seems like they could really give a shit about their team.

Since I have personally said the NHL needs to contract teams, not expand, and that 28 is the perfect amount, well this seems obvious now. It would also prevent weeks like this at BoC. No more week long slogs of dealing with forgettable red and black nobodies. If the Devils had been doing their California swing this week too I would have just suggested we all do auto-posts of a gif of a toilet flushing.

Anything else pertinent to talk about? Anyone know any good jokes? Planning on that bunker under President Trump? We got the time to kill. Smoke em if you got em.

Prediction: No hockey is played tonight and we watch the NBA on TNT instead.