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Kings Gameday: It got worse

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The city of St. Louis official motto, too

Run Jeff, run. Don't let them touch you!
Run Jeff, run. Don't let them touch you!
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This has been an agonizing road trip for the Kings. After the apparent easy dismantling of the Boston Bruins, Jonathan Quick got ran over and hurt. It was the Boston "way" after all. Then they went to New York and froze their asses off. Literally and figuratively. The one win they got there resulted in Marian Gaborik getting his leg amputated thanks to the New York "way" of knee to knee hits. This is a behavior the Kings are totally unfamiliar with. Washington was a day of pouring storms, and another loss. It all of course got worse.

They go to St. Louis.

Win or lose, injuries or perfect health, rain or shine, this is a loss. The only positive of this game is that afterwards the Kings get to leave. It's all anyone can say about St. Louis. Look at the Rams. No amount of money thrown at them could persuade them to stay. They went to a market where they knew people wouldn't give a shit about them in probably five years, but it's not St. Louis. They were okay with this trade off.

Hell, even the Oakland Raiders want nothing to do with St. Louis. They'd prefer the sewage that backs up in the locker-rooms because at least it's isolated and possible to clean up. Unless you're Oscar the Grouch, you have no reason to want to go there, and for him his reasoning only comes to down that there is no shortage of housing options.

Don't be fooled by the perception that it's not that bad. 46 degrees and sunny? STD carrier and injury aficionado Steve Ott out of the lineup? The city still reeling from the fact the NFL collectively laughed at them before dumping them? It's still not safe out there. It's still St. Louis. Danger lurks under every sewer cap. Because Ryan Reaves is down there lurking somewhere like the Killer Croc ordeal in Arkham Asylum.

Our only hope for our poor Kings is that St. Louis is busy trying to attract a different victim. They reportedly are trying to attract a soccer team in a relationship that currently resembles a fly buzzing around a Pitcher Plant. It's a bit of a longer hunt for St. Louis, but the chance to lure in and attack more minorities regularly than just a mostly white visiting hockey team probably gets them salivating.

Pray for the Kings. Maybe they'll get lucky and avoid any run-ins. That would be bad news for the Sharks who are next to visit St. Louis. Sorry guys.

blues preview

Prediction: Kings lose 5-1 because they demand the pilot flying just keep going and they never land in St. Louis. The Blues would have gotten a shutout, but Alex Pietrangelo had a drop pass skip over his stick and Jake Allen couldn't make the save.