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Sharks Gameday: "Carolina excitement"

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Get PUMPED and refill your heart medication prescription, because we're gonna play the Carolina Hurricanes!

The Google Image Search results for "Carolina excitement"
The Google Image Search results for "Carolina excitement"

You feel that buzz in the air? That extra bit of electricity? That's because it's the entire nation (plus Canada) collectively holding it's breath with anticipation of a San Jose/Carolina hockey game in February!

I did a Google Image Search for the phrase "Carolina excitement". This is what came up.

Carolina excitement, small

Check this guy out!

Excited Carolinan

If you can stop hyperventilating long enough to do so, look at this fucking video:

Damn, the pantsuit game was strong in 1993. Also, were you expecting those sounds to come out of Shaggy's mouth? I wasn't, and I've heard the song before.

Sharks @ Hurricanes

4:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: The entire country is riveted watching Alex Stalock give up 6 goals on 13 shots (one own-goal).