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Kings Gameday: Choose better heroes

Way to go, idiots

"Hi Jeremy. Does the 'A' stand for 'ASSHOLE'?"
"Hi Jeremy. Does the 'A' stand for 'ASSHOLE'?"
Ian Tomlinson/Getty Images

A lot of press, air time, and just general attention has been given to John Scott this past weekend. And rightfully so. He was personable, laughed at Patrick Kane getting booed, knocked Kane on his ass, scored two goals, stole the puck from the overrated Patrice Bergeron, and led the Pacific Division to a win in the tournament. All while representing no one but himself.

The amount of attention heaped onto Scott would have been great for any team that had him. Even so that they could simply say he was on their roster. But the Coyotes fucked it up. Scott wasn't a Coyote. Arizona had no part in the All-Star Game. They enjoyed none of the two wins the Pacific pulled off. They didn't get any of the over-sized check for one million dollars. Zilch.

BUT they still were represented at the All-Star Game.They had a hero of theirs appearing in yet another All-Star game. Except this guy we all hate, and Scott did not spare him either.

Fuck you, you dancing nutsack smeared in turds. But thanks for joining in on the festivities Arizona. You didn't have a guy playing, but your two-time All-Star, Jeremy Roenick, was on patrol issuing dickish remarks to anyone who would listen. So be proud, Arizona. You flew your colors proudly. Those colors of a bloody stool sample.

It is too bad that Roenick didn't score another goal in any of the games though. The poor guy had only one goal as a Coyote in the All-Star games in 1999 and 2000, plus lost one of those games, too. Scott of course has got two goals, and has a perfect winning percentage.

At least you didn't try and send Shane Doan to this.

Preview Coyotes

Prediction: Milan Lucic decides to kick Oliver Ekman-Larsson in the chest because he looked at Lucic funny. Lucic skates awkwardly around with him still stuck on his skate blade for the remainder of his shift. He gets a one game suspension. Kings lose, 2-1.