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NHL so white

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It's true

can't we all just get along?
can't we all just get along?
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Tonight, a massively white performance will take place in southern California. This national broadcast will see who takes home a big win and bragging rights, and afterwards there will be large amounts of drinking. It will likely be a shit show. The amount of minorities taking part in it will be minimal.

You can take your pick of what I am talking about, but you should get the idea.

The Kings and Ducks are set to faceoff for the third time this season at the same time the Academy Awards are taking place. NBC decided to make this a nationally televised game because...I really don't have any idea why actually. The game likely isn't a massive draw outside of southern California, and going up against a prominent annual awards show likely will result in further ratings slaughter, but there you go.

Which puts southern California in an interesting spot: Is this the whitest day in history for our diverse region? The Oscars have rightfully for the most part caught a ton of flak for having a Caucasian invasion not seen since...well, 2015. Sure, there was "Selma" and the guy who directed "Birdman", but everything else across the board was pretty similar looking. And every nod towards Selma last year was like your semi racist relative talking about that black friend they are so fond of to reassure you he was very open minded. Of course this year didn't change that.

Then there was this fun little headline that made the news yesterday:


Disneyland's newest feature seems sorta controversial if you ask me. But yep, the headline is real. The KKK is alive and kicking in Orange County.

I knew Orange County was a political stronghold for right wing views in California, but this is a tad insane. Especially since Anaheim has seen a huge influx in its Latino population over the last few decades. No word if the KKK has decided to be the between periods entertainment for tonight's game, since they might have a Donald Trump speech to attend. And speaking of that game...

Hockey is not exactly diverse itself. It's incredibly white, both with the players and management participating and those who view it. Seeing as the sport is expanding its demographics for both participation and spectators alike, it's taking the right steps though (how it handles its relationship with females obviously still needs some work). Hockey obviously is still heavily white, and it's just the way it currently is. However it would be great to keep moving in diversifying the sport a bit.

Instead we get the players who are black receiving the "selfish" label before they even take a shift. P.K. Subban gets crapped on every which way and the guy is one of the best players in the league. Josh Ho-Sang got drafted and then immediately got handed a paper saying, "you don't try hard enough". Evander Kane got ran out of Winnipeg.

So take your pick tonight. Just don't choose the Klan rally, please.

ducks preview

Prediction: White people cheer. Other white people are sad. They all agree that "Mad Men" was an amazing show.