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Kings Gameday: What if Rob Scuderi was actual GIFs?

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Make America GIF again


Here at Battle of California, our reserves of bandwidth let us do amazing things. We can post whatever we want in the comments, and provided that if it's actually funny, we'll let you hang around. We're a blog that's all about GIFs too, and our bandwidth tubes provide a solid stream of bytes to flow. We are pretty incredible.

Today we will show off our surplus of webs on internet with my Rob Scuderi feelings. I am not old. I may not be a toddler like Cory, but I'm certainly not a relic from the 18th century like Jer and that other guy. All the other BoC bloggers from the past I assume died from old age too. Me? Young and lively. Well, I would be lively if it wasn't for the well of sadness that is Rob Scuderi. Best of all it gets me out of trying to come up with creative content.

When I first heard the Kings were acquiring another defenseman I was

smooth leon

But then rumors started coming in that it was for Rob Scuderi

James Earl Sadness

I also saw that he still had another year left on his contract after this one

scared phoenix guy

Other fans were excited but not me

nope nope no

I was going to hate him entirely but he really surprised me how he played in the first game

Paul Rudd whaaaaat

Of course after that, well...

i want to die

And now here we are in nothing but sadness and despair.

bye bye

But at least we have bandwidth!

sure why not

Here's the game preview:

devils are boring


the best one