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Sharks Gameday: Snowvechkin

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I'm being attacked by roof snow. Send help.

Snow. Murderous snow. Waiting for its opportunity.
Snow. Murderous snow. Waiting for its opportunity.

I'm at a cabin in the central Sierra this weekend, where I have angered a minor snow god. Since none of you ingrates volunteered to cover for me, and the internet connection up here is a satellite dish that cuts out when the snow blocks the transmitter, this is going to be pretty brief.

Snow, murderous snow

This morning I went to go fix the internet using all my technical skills: taking a piece of kindling and hitting the plastic dish with it. This rains the snow on you because it's a little too high to reach from the side, and you look like an idiot. I was thinking about how much I look like an idiot afterward, when I hopped the railing of the stairs to walk back to the mud room, and all the snow from the roof on the north side fell down on me.

The snow that tried to kill me

Note the immense pile of snow and the gap where I jumped the railing.

I feel like that is a fair metaphor for the Sharks in the playoffs. Even when they do something relatively minorly stupid, the punishment is severe and extreme. Good segue, huh?

Capitals @ Sharks

7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: While shoveling the path back to the road I'm flattened by an avalanche.