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Ducks Gameday: New Comment Policy

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the letter M is too wide.

Last week, in a decision that clearly makes a lot of sense and wasn't an embarrassment at all that enraged their community and didn't need to be sheepishly walked back on, the editor at one of our fellow SB Nation hockey blogs decided images within the comments section were too big a strain on bandwidth (you know, in 2016) and must be stopped.

We here at Battle of California fully support this well-thought out decision that is certainly backed by facts. While we're not going to follow suit and ban images (because, you know, who doesn't love the poor-compression and nonsensical looping of a good, old fashion, stolen-from-Tumblr My Little Pony GIF?), we do think there needs to be a way to keep our bandwidth up and internet tubes unclogged.

Therefore, going forward, the letter M, arguably one of the widest letters  -- and therefore a letter taking up more than its fair-share of intertubewidth -- is no longer allowed in our comment sections.

My original plan was to ban Ws, but the Ducks seemed to have stop collecting those anyway.


New Jersey Devils @ Anaheim Ducks

Monday, Mar 14, 2016, 7:00 PM PDT

Honda Center - Anaheim, CA


Lots of GIFs.

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