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Sharks Gameday: Trickster heroes are the worst

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In native American mythology Coyote is known as a trickster hero, aka an asshole.

"Would you like some hepatitus C?"
"Would you like some hepatitus C?"

Think of the people you know that are really into pranks. Assholes, right? "Hahaha, I'm ruining your personal life in my prank war, callously drawing in other oblivious people, all so I can just laugh at you really hard for a couple minutes. Enjoy your package full of ants I mailed to your girlfriend's office." Those Jake and Amir guys are a perfect example of how a prank war evolves from "I'm planning some elaborate thing to trick you because I like you" to "I'm going to one-up the awful thing you just did to me and make you fucking pay." Some friends-of-friends got in an escalating prank war that ended with one guy putting a squid in between the other guy's mattress and box spring, which wasn't found for weeks. It's a game for friends that secretly hate each other.

Coyote in a canoe

In native American mythology, Coyote is a trickster hero. That means he was really into pranks. This is what we're dealing with, according to Wikipedia:

A creation myth of the Maidu of Northern California recounts that as the Creator God was fashioning various creatures out of clay, Coyote tried to do the same. But as he kept laughing, his efforts did not turn out well. Creator God told him that if he stopped laughing, he might do better. Coyote denied laughing. Thus, the first lie was told.

Good lie. Well done, Coyote. I'm pretty sure Shane Doan is one of the shitty creatures Coyote fashioned out of clay.

Coyote looks like a coyote in animal form and he looks like a man with a mustache in human form.


One day Black God was busy making the constellations by carefully ordering the stars in the sky when Coyote became impatient and tossed the remaining stars from a blanket into the sky, forming the Milky Way.

Coyote is such a fuck up.

The coyote is an omen of an unfortunate event or thing in your path or in the near future.

Oh shit. We need to get rid of this goddamn team. But that's a pretty accurate assessment of the history of the Coyotes and the NHL, actually.

Sharks @ Coyotes

7:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: Dave Tippet steals all the pucks and throws them in the rafters of Jobing Dot Com Arena. What a trickster!