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Sharks Gameday: The New York Pastries

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I cracked the code of the New York Rangers roster construction: acquire players whose name sounds like European pastries.

The Rangers are a bunch of pastries!
The Rangers are a bunch of pastries!

You walk into a bakery, and the smell immediately hits you: ahhhhhh. You walk up to the display case, and look through the offerings. Maybe I should have a nice Stepan?

Kreider pastry

Ooooh, but damn, the Brassards look good.

Brassard pastry

Hmm, but Lindbergs are also amazing.

Lindberg pastry

Maybe one of those and a Kreider?

Kreider pastry, for real this time

Throw in a half dozen Zuccarellos in the pink box, and we're done.


Rangers @ Sharks

1:00 PM (?? FUCK!) Pacific

Prediction: The Sharks go into mild diabetic shock, act lethargic, and have tummy aches.