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Kings Gameday: The part of the season that matters

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Because the regular season sure doesn't

"I'm up to here in elitism"
"I'm up to here in elitism"
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings made the playoffs. BEFORE APRIL. I don't recall the last time they have done that. Probably because I don't pay attention to the regular season because it doesn't matter at all. So that's cool.

So what do the Kings do now that they have won the boring season contest? I assumed last season's playoffs never occurred because the Kings weren't involved. Do they get banners? I think they do. They seem to hand those out for everything.

I can't wait to get one of these! We can just get one that says, "CLINCHED POST-SEASON EARLY," or, "BACK IN PLAYOFFS AGAIN". Why not both?

So now that the Kings are amazing in a season that doesn't matter, what do they do in the playoffs? Lose immediately? Win again? Have the playoffs get cancelled for a second season in a row? We can't do that. Canada isn't involved. That's too much fun to pass up.

Anyways, maybe I should pay attention to this "regular" season at some point.

preds preview

Prediction: Rob Scuderi goes to throw a hip-check on Filip Forsberg, misses, slams into the boards, killing dozens.