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Ducks Gameday: End White Supremacy ... Use Yellow Pages

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Only idiots who went to Trump University use White Pages.

We are here today for the most important debate of our generation*: Yellow Pages vs. White Pages

Yellow Pages was a telephone directory for businesses that was delivered to your door or your workplace. Prior to 2006 this book would be used to look up different business listings organized by category rather than alphabetically. Since then, those hefty books have rotted on your doorstep and have cost us much of our rainforests to produce. To solve this problem yellow pages has gone digital. the young, hip version of an old useful thing.

Sound familiar?

Bernie Bump

That's right! A vote for Yellow Pages (YP) is a vote for Bernie #FeelTheBern2K16. You better be voting for yellow pages because we all know what the alternative is ...


Let's just say Spade and I may have to learn to climb a wall that we may also be hired to build. Luckily, we can be reached by searching for your nearest Home Depot on and calling and asking if they have any spades for hire. So save your token minorities. Vote yellow pages.


Anaheim Ducks at Los Angeles Kings

Saturday, March 5, 2016, 1:00 p.m. PST

Satan Center – LA, CA


The Ducks are one win away from setting a franchise record for 11 straight wins. This means they will lose in spectacular fashion. Getzlaf doesn't play and Stoner and Bieksa play Doughty minutes. It's all OK though because Doughty won't win the Norris Trophy.

Inspirational Music

Today you're listening to: King Kunta – by Kendrick Lamar