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Kings Gameday: This was a stupid idea

Pages! That are white?


I'll be honest with you all right now. I have no idea what exactly the differences were between yellow pages or white pages or pink pages or whatever. I think the yellow pages were just for businesses, whereas the white pages were residential numbers. Why we had two separate massive books for all of the residents and businesses remains a relative mystery to me.

But it was at least practical to have phone numbers and addresses for stores and services back in the era before the internet. If you needed a particular item or job done, it made sense. You had to look it up. The white pages however...

This was where the fun was. It was Bart Simpson's ultimate resource. Funny names. Calling up said funny names. Promptly hanging up. Then getting an angry return phone call from Ben Dover who knew about "*69". That whole technique was ahead of its time too.

How does this all relate to today's Battle of California war between the Kings and Ducks?

It doesn't. I don't have one good idea in how either team is able to relate to phonebooks. Maybe Ryan Getzlaf needs a service to help him grow out his hair like a fucked up afro. The Kings...have weird names on their team? Anze? Milan? Dwight???

I don't really know. We sort of came up with this half baked idea and I am hurriedly writing this before having to go see the dentist this morning. Please go read my last post instead.

ducks preview

Prediction: Our readership tumbles from 50 readers to 20.