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Kings Gameday: Not again

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I warned you all

Jesus Christ why
Jesus Christ why (seriously)

Last year I wrote the worst thing to be featured on this blog. This is quite the accomplishment because I produce a lot of crap. I don't know if the other BoC folks have written anything this terrible because I don't actually visit this blog.

In any case, we got to all learn which cartoon animals you masturbate to. We learned about furry culture. We went down the rabbit hole, both literally and figuratively. I wanted to die.

But thank god for Disney. Those perverts did it again. And I warned you about this, but it happened anyways. Worst of all, Disney knew what it was doing.

There's beefcake Tigers, sultry dressed antelopes, and OH LOOK. The lead is a male fox and a female rabbit. Considering how many rabbits and foxes made in into that last post about cartoon animals you wank about with, Disney knew exactly the formula to go with. We live in a god damn world where being attracted to cartoon animals is an actual demographic, and where these animals (they want to be called that, it's not offensive) harass the Tony the Tiger twitter account asking to fuck him.

Now it's alright if you are into this stuff on your own time. If Rudy Kelly wants to watch Duck Tales while dressed head to toe as Launchpad McQuack, that's his right we allow here in the U.S. of A. Truth be told, this subculture is way less fucked than some other things people probably get off to (you have crush videos at the other end of the spectrum for example). It's just sorta bizarre if you're taking your kids to a Disney movie and you're in line with this crowd.

Different strokes for different folks.

That being said, things like this are why I advocate strongly for the abolishing of the internet. DeviantArt is worse than the whorehouses from Deadwood or the really smutty scenes in Rome. And now it's mainstream.

Nothing is sacred.

canucks preview

Prediction: I get called insensitive and vilified by a guy wearing a panther costume who dreams about railing the dog from Lady and the Tramp.