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Sharks Gameday: Johnny Gaudreau is everywhere!

This flower won't shut the fuck up.
This flower won't shut the fuck up.

Alberta is a majestic place, with mountains, glaciers, forests, an extraction-industry created hellscape, plains, whatever the Canadian equivalent of backwards hick shitheads is, and wildlife. Alberta also has Johnny Gaudreau, everyone's favorite 5th grader.

I was thinking about why Flames fans love him so much while looking through pictures of the flora and fauna of Alberta, and noticed something strange. Do you see it?

Bull trout Gaudreau

It's subtle, but if you look closely, you might spot it.

And then here.

Bighorn Gaudreau

And here too.

Horned owl Gaudreau

Once you notice it, it's hard to see anything else.

Wild rose Gaudreau

No wonder they love him so much. Seems like a nightmare, though.

Sharks @ Flames

6:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: The constant talking by the wildlife is too much to take, and the Alberta tourism board shuts down.