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Sharks Gameday: Moron Deletions

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It's not a cry for help if I don't want any help, just an end to this misery.

Cleanse yourself in a roiling sea of oil.
Cleanse yourself in a roiling sea of oil.

God, these games against shitty teams just keep coming. It's clearly infected the Sharks play, as well, as they've been sleepwalking through the last two games and taking every penalty they can fit in.

And goddammit, it's been uninspiring to write anything on this world wide web site. There's like 4 of your reading this, and three of you are deciding if it's worth it to comment "this sucks." Dunn has turned his posts into furry sex stories or something. Jer is cackling into the void while Cory is posting girlie pics to get trash clicks. I've been staring at this stupid edit box for hours now and am basically out of ideas. Here's some anagrams of the Edmonton Oilers roster.

Moron Deletions

Harlot Ally

Tailored Snail

Jarred Eel Nob

Bout Lotion Pie

Dim Concord Van

Phony Nun Streaking

Jerked Arenas

Koi-koi Pair Lurks

Mute Stalker

Puny Lava Koi

Mace Lobforks

Rondo Bands Divan

Denmark Stitch

Keno Riparian I

Sullen Errand

Big Cry Era

Ok, that's probably enough.

Sharks @ Oilers

6:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: I decide to cover everything I can see with neutral grey paint. Every hockey pundit that thought Todd McLellan would lead the OIlers to the playoffs has amnesia. The Sharks lose 4-1.