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Ducks Gmeday: This is a Makeup Post

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We did this already.

Sean Dougherty-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, I already wrote about this game!

The Kings had a meltdown last night and lost to the Jets in a shootout after carrying a 3-0 lead in the 2nd. Way to Sharks it all up.

Anyway, with that Kings loss the Ducks have a chance in this makeup game, which was serves as replacement game for their snowed-out January matchup, to capture their fourth division championship. Any win (regulation, overrtime, or shootout), will lead to another banner.

I already discussed in another super serious post about why this is so important, but I don't have any faith that the Ducks will be able to pull out two points from Washington tonight. Nor should we necessarily want them to...

Plus, what could be better than the blog than me/Cory and Ian half-assing a whole series of insufferable dualing playoff posts?

Okay, consider this post madeup.


Anaheim Ducks @ Washington Capitals

Sunday, Apr 10, 2016, 7:30 PM EDT

Verizon Center - Washington, DC