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Oh great, you again

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sigh. Playoffs. Great.

Hello darkness, my old friend
Hello darkness, my old friend
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I had forgotten how awful playoff hockey was. Well, here we are everyone. Round four between the Kings and Sharks. Yes, the fourth time they have met in a six year span. The third time in four years. I don't think I can even manage the hate properly anymore.

At this point, the Sharks are almost like that buddy you sorta shit talk with all the time, but you're friends with anyways. You hang out all the time but just insult each other constantly. Do you sorta hate them? Yeah, sure. But whatever. It beats hanging out with Minnesota, Nashville, or the Ducks.

Now, we the viewers, get to sit around and drunkenly watch these shenanigans. One group will be disappointed now. The other group will probably be disappointed later. And it makes no sense, but hey, that's sports for you.

Meg Stace Mirtle? Ian and I have tried to up the stakes for this little first round hoedown with a bet. We thought about going back to the dip, but eh, it's been done and Jer has become a nicotine riddled addict from it. There was also a talk of a Corey Perry tattoo, but for a first round series? That's a bit much. Plus, I'd rather shove broken glass up into my bung-hole.

Finally, Ianlodon came up with the great idea of a reasonable gamble:

Being forced to watch, and sharing the experience with everyone, the Entourage movie.

I've only seen like six episodes of that show, so I don't think I'd have any idea what those assholes were running around doing, but fortunately, liquor is allowed. Ian decided to also include us making a diorama of our favorite scene in the movie. I will need plenty of play-doh.

I think this is a reasonable bet, considering this series is almost as overplayed as an outdoor hockey game. If you got better ideas, hey, we are all ears.

sharks preview

So both Rob Scuderi and Luke Schenn are in the lineup, one in the top four (Schenn). Alec Martinez looks stuck with Scuderi, which also means Jake Muzzin will continue to look completely fucking lost as he hauls Schenn around like he's Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Oh and Gaborik isn't ready yet, and Shore is sitting. Terrific.

Prediction: I complain and eat play-doh.