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Sharks Gameday: Invisible Playoffs update

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An update on my innovative method of figuring out if the Sharks have won a Secret Stanley Cup.

Man, it seems like nobody remembers our 2015-16e Cup run.
Man, it seems like nobody remembers our 2015-16e Cup run.

You probably didn't read the previous story about the Invisible Playoffs. I don't blame you. Sharks vs. Flames is about as exciting as watching a biopsy. But you missed my innovative method of calculating whether the Sharks have won a Secret Stanley Cup in the Invisible Playoffs.

But what if we secretly divide up the regular season into 7-game series? If the Sharks win or lose 4 games in these chunks, that series is over, and a new one begins. How do the Sharks do in this scenario?

We last saw the Sharks in a secret 2-2 series against the Flames in the Western Conference Finals of the 2015-16e Playoffs, on Feb. 11. They lost that game in a shootout, so were down 2-3. Here's the update

2015-16e Playoffs

4-0 - That's more like it.

4-2 - Pasting the Avs 6-1 in the clincher showed they're serious this time. The only losses were in overtime.

4-3 - After losing a playoff shootout to the Flames in game 5, the Sharks won the next two games against the Coyotes and Lightning to advance to their first Secret Stanley Cup Finals!

4-3 The Sharks Win the 2015-16e Secret Stanley Cup! They traded wins and loses in the first four games, lost game 5 to the Sabres, then won the next two elimination games to win a hard-fought 7 game series against Montreal! Raise a Secret Banner! We're no longer chokers!

Secret Stanley Cup Champons!

2015-16f Playoffs

4-2 - They start their Secret Stanley Cup defense with a relatively easy 6 game first round win!

3-4 - Oops, they lost in the second round after going up 3-1.

2015-16g Playoffs

2-1 - We're in a first round battle against the Predators. The Sharks won the first 2 games, but dropped the 3rd as they look to take control of this series on the road in Nashville.

Sharks @ Predators

5:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: The Sharks unknowingly have a lot to prove in these 2015-16g Secret Stanley Cup Playoffs. Unbeknownst to them, they've shown they can win a Secret Stanley Cup a couple weeks ago, and at some deep level must feel like they can recapture that magic once more.