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Saint Dustin

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Blessed be us, the viewers

What a happy guy
What a happy guy
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to dislike Dustin Brown. He's a Stanley Cup champion, Olympian, and hero to burly pasty white men with bad beards everywhere. But, he is simply a man. And also a hero and beloved saint to us all.

dustin happy

It's hard to find a fault with Saint Dustin. People light up just seeing him, feel calmed when he speaks, and renewed if he touches them. He has been the best hockey has had to offer us, and as fans we are lucky to see him. Kings fans have easily become the best sort of people simply due to the amount of Dustin Brown they are exposed to. Pacific Division fans have come to love ol' DB as well.

more happy Dustin

It's easy to see why. No other player displays the sort of good will, and enthusiasm for the game, no, for the world in which we live, more than Dustin. He is embodiment of joy. Opposing players have recalled all their run-ins with Dustin, and always talk about his positive attitude and interest in their daily lives.

An amazing guy.

-Johnny Gaudreau

Compassionate. Heroic. Loveable.

-Rickard Rakell

The sort of leader I wish I was.

-Joe Thornton

dustin is shy

There's always been players trying to bring Dustin down. But he knows they don't truly understand. The universe, he knows, is more than just being jealous, and he doesn't let such negativity affect him. Instead, he embraces his adversaries, and shows them the way.

passionate dustin

So when young thugs, like Tomas Hertl, actively attack him, he forgives. He blesses. For those blessed by Saint Dustin find everlasting life and happiness. The league knows the popularity of Dustin Brown, and when they went to ban Hertl a few years ago for his vicious assault on poor Dustin, he stepped in and asked they spare him. You cannot teach that sort of selfless courage.

concern for dustin

No matter what fanbase you hail from, take some time to appreciate this living saint. Scorers may come and go, but legends like Dustin last so much longer.

okay dustin

Now and forever, we all love you Dustin.

sharks preview

Prediction: Brown ascends to heaven and the game is forgotten as we all weep.