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Ducks Gameday: Pink Eye?

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Anyone up for some pink eye? Come rub my eyeballs!

Visors help avoid pink eye
Visors help avoid pink eye

I might have pink eye I am told by my some shitty urgent care doctor. I thought only cats and vagrants get that shit. What do you get it from? Lemme do search

pink eye

This is what happens when you date Dunn

This is from a trusted source: American Academy of Ophthalmology

Direct contact with an infected individual's secretions, usually through hand-to-eye contact;

Ok I don’t remember coming in contact with anyone infected.

Spread of the infection from bacteria living in the person's own nose/sinus; and

What there is bacteria in my fucking nose?..but no I can’t remember picking my nose then rubbing my eyes..maybe after I rubbed my..(edit)…but never my nose

Not cleaning contact lenses properly and using poorly fitting contact lenses or decorative contacts.

Haha only losers like Jer need contacts and glasses..

Pouring pink lemonade down your eyes

Nope..and who invented pink lemonade anyways? Tastes the fuckin same as the OG

Watching the Anaheim Ducks play like garbage in Game 1 and 2


Don’t be fooled by Game 3 folks Nashville just wanted to clown their own fans for a night because they fuckin hate them.

Prediction: Ducks lose 2-1..lone goal by Ryan Garbutt