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Sharks Gameday: Welcome to the State of Hockney

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I know there are some Hockney fans in Minnesota, but they really can't understand how Hockney is infused into our very culture here. I mean, what do they really know about Hockney?

Pop artist David Hockney
Pop artist David Hockney

In California, Hockney is more than an artist. He's a part of life. He embodies who we are - capturing our passion, our commitment and our joy. He's a connection to previous and future generations and a source of pride for Californians, from Crescent City to San Ysidro.

Hockney pool

The "State of Hockney" aims to bottle the passion Californians have for the pop art of the middle 20th century to celebrate and promote art at all levels. Starting with, it will be brought to life in a variety of ways to inspire artists, families and fans and honor the state's unique Hockney heritage. It's our state - seen a whole new way.

Hockney, Clark Percy is a robust, California Hockney-themed website, powered by canvases, sketches, prints and photos for nearly every level of Hockney throughout the state. The site aims to deliver rich, relevant and timely editorial content to entertain and inform Hockney fans of all ages.

Hockney, A Bigger Splash

Fans are also encouraged to "paint 'em up" with us, by sharing story ideas, Hockney-related photos and video.

Hockney, pool & canyon

Sharks @ Wild

5:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: Minnesotans continue to not "get" Hockney.