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Kings Gameday: The real heroes

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You did it!

this sign does not go far enough
this sign does not go far enough
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Dear Winnipeg,

Well, you guys did it. A third star of a playoff game. A Masterton nomination. A collapse of a franchise. You really have been something else. No other franchise can make the same claim about their fans. You are in a class all to yourselves.

Your incredible support and devotion has led to the absolute demolition of your sad sack city and team. Trapped in a cycle of yearly futility and disappointment, in a frozen hellscape wasteland. You've become the new Edmonton! This is no easy accomplishment, but you have managed to pull it off with aplomb.

You join your fellow Canadian brethren wandering into oblivion now. Your story ends here. There is no parade. No championship. No happiness. Only broken bodies piled up in mountains crushed beneath the wheel while Dustin Byfuglien tees off from some shitty generic golf course in Florida.

And you can thank yourselves, the fans. The Jets have always been about giving you fans a lot of credit, so it's only appropriate they give you it now.

It was you, the fans, who placed your hopes on Ondrej Pavelec.

It was you, the fans, who believed your shitty system would work another year and that it wasn't a Calgary Flames like aberration.

It was you, the fans, who were confident in your team and have done absolutely nothing to improve it.

It was you, the fans, who left your team in droves once it was clear they were a big pile of suck.

There's plenty of credit to go around for the Jets' season of shit, but you guys really did it. Your faith was enough to drive this team into the ground, and you're in a division that will prevent you from ever sniffing the postseason for the next decade. That elusive first playoff victory will have to wait.

In the meantime the fans of Winnipeg can lift their team from tanking, and blow getting a decent draft pick.

jets preview

Prediction: Game doesn't matter who cares