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Ducks Gameday: This Wasn't Supposed To Happen (or: Jets Fans Still Salty)

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How do we get this corrected?

Marianne Helm/Getty Images

Today the Ducks play some snow-locked non-playoff team that none really cares about. I assumed that meant were playing Winnipeg, but I guess it's actually Colorado?

Let's talk about the Jets anyway.

As you may recall, last year after Winnipeg Jets failed to win a single playoff game (as expected by all reasonable people, but hilariously not by Jets fans), I wrote a very objective an unbiased recap of their 2014-15 season. This rubbed delusional Jets the wrong way, and through all of their salt in the months that followed they tried their hardest to fight back on twitter but only served to prove my point about what petulant children they are. In fact, I found out earlier this week that one such fan has been regularly tweeting up until present time even after he was informed I muted him more than six months ago. These people aren't the brightest, and I guess with nothing else to do in that shithole, why not just virtually yell at clouds for almost a year?

Anyway, I wanted to check in on another Jets fan, upset from last year. After my Yahoo Eulogy was posted, this fan's best retaliation was to find me on Facebook and send me... memes.

Such as this very clever image macro...

Or this one, where he doesn't realize he called himself and othr Jets fans "jackasses" (hint: the dog whisperer speaks to dogs, he isn't actually a dog himself):

This went on for 10 minutes until he actually decided to try to talk to me...

Because Facebook does this thing with messages from people you aren't friends with or haven't accepted messages in the past where it hides them in a filtered spam-like folder, I didn't see this for a few months. But I did eventually respond..

To prove he was still as delusional as ever, this culminated in this exchange...

As you can see, not a smart guy.

I didn't hear from Randy again after that August exchange, so I reached out to him this week after I noticed some errors on the NHL website...

Randy has not replied.

I'm a little sympathetic to kids like Randy, young idealists stuck in Manitoban hellscape with nothing to do with his life but watch a soul-crushingly bad team... sure, he's immature now, but maybe when he grows up---

Wait, what's this?

Jesus Christ, you fucking dinosaur, get a god damn life.


Anaheim Ducks @ Colorado Avalanche

Saturday, Apr 9, 2016, 2:30 PM PDT

Pepsi Center - Denver, CO


Ducks tank in the playoffs.