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Sharks Gameday: The key to the series is Craig Smith. Wait, what?

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Who the fuck is Craig Smith and why is he so important?

Some of the various fronts run by Nashville forward "Craig Smith"
Some of the various fronts run by Nashville forward "Craig Smith"

If I were to have told you that Craig Smith was very, very important to something you care a lot about, how would you react? Bewilderment? Confusion? Skepticism? Boredom? I mean, "Craig Smith" is the name you use to rent a Super 8 motel room for a couple hours under to complete a mid-level drug deal or have a terrifying affair.

But the Predators are 4-0 with "Craig Smith" in the lineup and 0-4 without, and I'm not even convinced he is a real person. So, the key to this series is to make sure "Craig Smith" isn't playing for Nashville. I assume we can keep him out of the lineup by asking for two forms of identification and one of those purple UV scanner lights that bouncers use at clubs to check drivers licenses. Get on that, Doug Wilson.

Wait, our GM's name is "Doug Wilson"? What the fuck. Is there anyone here who isn't using a bad alias from a '70s cop show?

Predators @ Sharks

5:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: Say goodbye to "Craig Smith", say hello to "Juan Martinez."