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The BoC off-season thread!

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Catch the excrement! Er, excitement!

Our very busy, heavily trafficked web site
Our very busy, heavily trafficked web site
David McNew/Getty Images

Hey everyone! I know. How crazy is this? A post! But it's not really one. No, this is just some crap I threw together so I could have Jer shut the fuck up as he complains about his BoC pension consisting only of Del Taco cabbage.

As you can probably tell, it's been very, very, very slow here at the Battle of California. Reasons as to why:

  1. We are busy enjoying our summer vacations away from school
  2. We don't care
  3. We don't like our readers
  4. Just kidding, nobody reads this stupid site
  5. Pokemon Go

It's been a rather crazy off-season by teams that aren't in California. The Sharks overpaid some dweeb, the Kings went dumpster diving, and the Ducks hired a dumb fat radish-man. Jonathan Bernier also came back to California, so now Los Angeles has provided goaltenders to the entire damn state. Dean Lombardi might cry again. Dustin Brown lost his captaincy, which I was gonna write a post about, but Jurassic Park was on again and I got distracted. Oops, I guess.

A bunch of other, lesser teams did stupid moves or whatever too.

Which brings us to right now! I thought, "Hey, maybe we can have a running thread to talk about hockey or our rad summers or getting laid in the shade? That would maybe provide content that I don't actually have to come up with myself!" I then took another huff of paint, and typed this post.

So do we want to talk about hockey? No? Our summers? Is anyone even reading? Are we actually already dead inside and feel no reason to exist? Possibly. At the very least, Jer will shut up for a week.