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Hey now, you’re a mall star!

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A mall in Calgary, the city where the San Jose Sharks will play their next game.

As the Internet’s number 1 Sharks fan, I’m super excited about Brent Burns, Joe Pavelski, and Martin Jones being named to the NHL Mall Star Team. And Peter deBoer will be the Coach Bags coach! That’s really an honor.

Who do you think should be picked for the Sbarro Food Court relay? I think Brent Burns, because he enjoys pizza a lot. Even not great pizza!

What do you think Pavs favorite store is? I think it’s probably either American Eagle Outfitters (Captain America, obvs!) or the Apple store because there’s always something cool to buy at the Apple store, and it’s fun to just hang out in there with your friends.

And Martin Jones! His favorite store is probably the Apple Store too or maybe Hollister too, because he sort of resembles a majestic crane, which is a bird, just like the Hollister logo is a bird.

Brent Burns favorite store, apart from Sbarro, is the Apple store and maybe like Eddie Bauer because he likes plaid a lot? But like, if Eddie Bauer made suits? Do they make suits? I don’t think they make suits.

It’s going to be so exciting when Peter deBoer puts together the lineup for the Forever 21 Shopping Challenge, and I think the Sharks Mall Stars will be well represented considering who is their coach! I’m only a little sad that Joe Thornton wasn’t named as a starter, because I think he would really be able to help out with Accessories, the assists of a super on-point outfit. But he could definitely be added as an alternate, so here’s hoping!

Sharks @ Flames

6:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: Everyone gets really cute outfits, and Johnny Gaudreau gets to play in the My Gym.