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All your football are belong to us

Except we don’t really want or need it

St Louis Blues v Los Angeles Kings - Game Three
big ol hugs for the big ol bear
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

This time last year Los Angeles got the crazy news that the St. Louis Rams were now the Los Angeles Rams and that after two decades pro football was back in L.A. (only if you overlook that USC wasn’t supposed to be a pro team). Today...well, the same thing sort of happened. The San Diego Chargers decided to move a few hours up the 5 freeway to L.A. too. However, this time no one seems to really care.

Part of this is because the Rams already laid claim to Los Angeles after the lengthy absence. Another part is the Chargers were already a southern California team. Finally, the Spanos family, who own the Chargers, paid more for relocating than to pay for a new stadium in San Diego, fully displaying their greedy self serving asses . Both the Rams and the Chargers are awful.

Los Angeles now has two basketball teams and two football teams plus are on the verge of getting a second soccer team. This goes nicely with the two Stanley Cups the Kings have won. St. Louis has none of these things, just so you are aware.

Sure, all these things are hardly necessary. One team per sport is usually more than enough for a city, even one as big as Los Angeles. But it’s way funnier to lord that over St. Louis. Again, they have no football, no basketball, no soccer, and no Stanley Cups.

They do however have a president elect who enjoys pee.

Prediction: President Piss Pig sends me to a gulag. Kings lose 4-2 to the St. Louis Blues who relocate to San Diego.