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See, it’s topical because of MLK and “I had a dream” and you know what never mind

Tampa Bay Lightning v Los Angeles Kings
Martin Luther Dwight King
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Today, Tampa Bay comes to play.

Here I thought the Lightning got rid of Radko Gudas.

Anywho, the Kings are playing the Lightning, who are in somewhat of a rut to start this year. Clearly, signing Steven Stamkos was a mistake. Another point for Drew Doughty.

It’s kinda weird that the Lightning and Kings play during the afternoon on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Sure, the NHL will trot out Willie O’Ree and tout the league’s “diversity”, but this game feels like a shoehorned scheduling opportunity while the Clippers squeeze an evening game in later at the Stapler. Thanks to the Civil Rights Movement the NHL was able to cram in some other games to make a few extra bucks. USA! USA! USA!

As for the Lightning...I cannot think of a more forgettable team with as much success than Tampa. Tyler Johnson is as bland as white bread covered in mayo, and then there’s...


Well, you see what I mean about them being forgettable. J.T. Brown and Dustin Brown can battle for brown dominance sort of like that scene in Reservoir Dogs where they argue about who gets to be Mr. Black, Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink etc.

Prediction: Kings lose 1-0 on a goal by Brown. Dustin changes his last name to “Purple”.