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To die and die in LA

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What is the most LA way of dying?

  • T-boned by street racing 20 year olds.
  • Heavy prop falls on your head on the set of a movie about the magic of movies. The movie eventually wins 4-7 Oscars.
  • Improv class that pushes the “yes...and” murder.
  • Juice cleanse gone terribly wrong.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning after being stuck behind a graffiti covered delivery truck on the Sepulveda pass at rush hour.
  • OD’d on cut drugs supplied by your vegan dealer from Santa Monica.
  • Sucker punched in a Hermosa bar by the Ed Hardy brigade.
  • Crushed by a YouTube star famous for jumping into pools from the top of buildings at a pool party at the Standard.
  • Accidentally left in the Mojave while working on a car commercial.
  • Drove in the rain.
  • Papparazi sitting in a tree to take pictures of Jennifer Lawrence accidentally dropped telephoto lens on your head as you walked under.
  • Inexpensive Botox disaster.
  • Dwight King house party.
  • Struck crossing street by a distracted comedian calling into a podcast segment.
  • Electrocuted by lighting from a TV crew doing a segment on “Storms In The Southland!” in the drizzle.
  • Stuck between Raiders and Rams fans fighting in the stands at a terrible football game.
  • Bacterial meningitis infection after swimming a section of the LA river to raise awareness.
  • Brush fire.

Sharks @ Kings

7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: Sweet, ironic death.