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Uh, is this guy ok? —>

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This was the first Google Image result for “where’s cory”.

Guys, I think Cory might have been Trump’s first extraordinary rendition. He’s had the same goddamn Coyotes story up for weeks, and as near as I can tell, his Twitter has gone silent.

If anyone has any information about Cory’s whereabouts, please call the BoC hotline at (334) 202-2794.

Joe Thornton is one of the NHL’s 100 greatest players, nodoy

I don’t even care if he’s like in the high 80s or 90s. He should be on a list of the NHL’s 100 best players.


Who in their right minds REALLY FUCKING CARES about these stupid lists? I’ve been reading these sort of horseshit lists for decades now, and can’t remember a single one. I’m sure if I did, it would have some utterly batshit entries (“76. Claude Lemieux - the definition of a winner and a clutch player, the ‘other’ Lemieux has 4 Stanley Cups.”). I mean this honestly. Can anyone remember these lists? Do you get worked up about what some Ottawa Sun guy wrote in a list in 1997? If the whole point of these lists is to capture something timeless, why does this information blink into and out of existence with no impact?

Update on the Chicago Team With The Racist Name

Jonathan Toews sucks balls now.

Eat shit, Toews, but not as much as some of your other teammates

You heard me, weirdo.

Hawks @ Sharks

7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: I really hope some garbage bag gets mad at me and channels that into calling me a libtard or whatever.