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Rooting interests

Who you hope to see win when all other hope dies

Los Angeles Kings v Detroit Red Wings

More often than not, your team is not going to win the Stanley Cup/World Series/Super Bowl/whatever the NBA calls their finals. Sometimes they do, and, hey, great! For the large chunk of time they aren’t winning anything, what do you do? Do you just stop watching?

Sure! But there’s nothing on currently, and you aren’t in the mood for more It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and before you know it you are back watching the SPORTS to see who wins. There’s the aforementioned boredom and curiosity to see who ultimately triumphs, but a bigger part is hoping that individuals and teams you hate still involved don’t win. Ideally, getting embarrassed terribly along the way.

I know I definitely watch for these reasons. I can’t be having shit heads like the Ducks and Sharks winning! Baseball has been exceptionally brutal however, what with the Giants just now finally getting embarrassed by the Cubs. I operate on more individual hatred in the NBA and NFL though, so fuck you Eli Manning/Draymond Green.

But once they’re gone, usually there’s still more SPORTS to be had. So you keep watching. Who do you hope wins?

Do you take the team that took you out, so you can say your team lost to the champs? Do you take the team that took out your shit head rivals because you owe em one? What happens when these prerequisites aren’t met? These are big questions for SPORTS and should be in college philosophy courses.

Personally, I typically take the team that I won’t care if they have another title. I have -sigh- in the past hoped the Red Wings would win in the playoffs just so other stupid franchises wouldn’t get a Cup. It worked with Carolina! Until they won in 2005 with their second chance. The Red Wings were sort of the status quo. I didn’t like them, but them winning was run of the mill until the Kings could start playing and getting my hopes up before crushing them in the next season. I did the same thing with the Yankees as a kid.

But now these teams sorta suck. They don’t deserve the status quo title anymore. Pittsburgh sort of took that over, but I really fucking hate Mayo Boy Sidney Crosby and Makeupless Clown Evgeni Malkin. It can’t be Chicago. Baseball is even more of a clusterfuck, though fortunately/unfortunately it’s often just cheering against the Giants the entire time now anyways.

While it’s great that the once mighty Red Wings are sorta blase now, I had to figure who’s the status quo that wins that I don’t care about team. Thanks for nothing, assholes. Except for beating the Hurricanes that one year.

Prediction: I’m going to see Rogue One finally, so I don’t fucking care.