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This is the worst scheduling I have ever seen

who do I fire for this?

Arizona Coyotes v Vegas Golden Knights
this is one of your faults at least
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

For reasons that should be obvious:


They are bad for the players, the ice is worse, and I have to write more.

Enough is enough.

That is not happening this time. No sir. One post. Today’s. That is it. Actually, this is it. This post right here. Sorry if you were expecting more.

Arsenal (my sorry sack of shit English football team I support) plays this morning. The Dodgers start the National League Championship Series against the Boscago RedCubs. Tomorrow, they play game two, and the Rams (my sorry sack of shit American football team I support) play the Jaguars? The fuck? That can’t be right. Jacksonville? Anyway...

The Kings are in game 4 and 5 of an 82 game slog. I’m not bending over backwards for this shit. Especially against the Sabres and Islanders. Sure, I could make some cheap jokes about at least Jack Eichel can scout the Kings and some ocean property and demand a trade to L.A. I could also make some jokes about the Islanders staying on the Kings’ couch since they are borderline homeless. But that’s about it for them. Maybe John Tavares fights Eichel for who gets traded to L.A. It’s okay boys. We will take you both.

Fuck Chicago. Go Los Angeles. blah blah blah