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Signal boosting FtF for Latinx hockey fans

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I like to make fun of a lot of stuff at Fear the Fin, particularly the meme loving fucks in the commentariat, but Sie Morley has been doing some good stuff this year. Right now, they’re running a series of fanposts by Latinx fans as a companion to tonight’s Hispanic Heritage Night game in Sharks vs. the Islanders.

All the stories are great. I particularly like them as a response to the pearl-clutching morons in the Great White North and other snowbelt cities who constantly cluck at California hockey fans that We Just Don’t Get The Culture of hockey. First off, go fuck yourself. Second, go fuck yourself. Third, you’re just a sports fan, not a gatekeeper of culture. Fourth, go fuck yourself. Fifth, the culture of hockey they’re talking about is largely raw sewage.

So go read those instead of me trying to be funny.