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The big moments! They are big

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five
How have I never seen this picture? It’s awesome

These are weird times for Los Angeles sports. The Kings are off to a franchise best 4-0-1, which admittedly isn’t saying much besides that they are horrendous starters. The Rams are 4-2, which has matched their win total from last season already (also pretty sad). The Dodgers are on the verge of a World Series appearance, their first since they last won in 1988, which shows how discombobulated they have been since then. On a much smaller note, the Galaxy are the worst team in American soccer (besides the men’s national team itself), and I don’t think that’s happened with them ever.

Back to the Dodgers though...

This team is playing like the Kings in 2012, except they had a regular season where they were the best team in baseball. Not a record where they pulled a rabbit out of their ass at the last moment to even make the playoffs. The homer in game two by Justin Turner is easily the biggest home run the franchise has had since the 1988 Series. Yes, it beats:

It’s probably on par with the Lakers crazy ass post-season antics, like the Robert Horry dagger against a horse shit made up team in Sacramento and the Derek Fisher hail mary he made with less than a second to go against the Spurs. There was also the Ron Artest/Metta World Peace late game, ill advised, yet incredibly made three pointer against the Celtics in game seven during the Finals.

The Clippers...well, they don’t have these sort of moments happen for them (only to them), the Rams have been here for like a month, and MLS changes their tie game formats regularly so the Galaxy’s big goals sort of lose their shine.

But the Kings...if you want to talk about a team that has had every big goal moment at the craziest possible moment to win, the stretch during 2012 to 2014 had it. To recap:

Maybe the Kings get to overtime a ridiculous amount of times. Deep playoff runs also help generate more moments too, obviously. Hockey also has less scoring, so a late goal is going to be blown up infinitesimally more. Whatever the case, the Kings have been remarkably fortunate in that category.

Sure, you can even included the Eric Belanger overtime winner in the original it was 3-0 comeback, and Adam Deadmarsh finishing off the monster stacked Red Wings in 2001. There was, uh, not a whole lot between then and now admittedly.

What I am saying is Montreal’s biggest sports moment in the past two decades was the Expos moving away and resulting in a Nationals team that has never won a playoff series.