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Well shit, hockey’s back...

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It's the most manic depressing time of the year: the NHL 2017/2018 regular season

Me too, possibly super drunk Corey Perry. Me too.

Get ready for 82 games filled with highest-highs and lowest-low. Tonight, Anaheim will start theirs off with what will most likely be a loss (if you know the Ducks history of their outcome with season openers) to those location confused twerps from Phoenix/Glendale/Arizona.

I wanna take this time to issue a heartfelt apology to my liver which will be soaked in booze...hopefully until June.

Go Ducks!

Prediction: Continuous disappointment ensues with Anaheim's lack of digital 3D image mapping on the ice. C'mon Ducks, even those shitty Avalanche folks in Denver do it!