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Hideous chin beards

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Sometimes, when you don’t have a lot to say, adding grotesque chin beards to things says more than you ever could. My pain is now your pain.

Lost Evanescence member, Martin Jones.

This guy keeps pressuring me to buy a nickel bag near the Arco station.

The piercing eyes. The piercing chin beard.

This doesn’t even register, and that is TERRIFYING.

The uncanny valley just got a whole lot Wardier. This is nightmare stuff right here.

I remember this guy from health class in high school. I’m pretty sure he cheated off my Scantron on everything except the drug section.

Kevin Labanc just got arrested for vandalizing bus stop signs with a Sharpie.

Brendan Dylan just friend requested your SO on Facebook. And they ACCEPTED. Jesus.

Captain Propane here just blew up his great aunt’s garage after watching a Youtube clip on making cannabis dabs.

The Sharks take on the Panthers, who are from Florida. Florida seems about right for chin beards.