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Did the Ducks relocate?

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Ducks now play on Venus

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Carolina Hurricanes
boo hoo hoo
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Guys I don’t think the Ducks play here in California anymore. They must not. For they don’t show up on this sad sorry sack of shit blog that’s devoid of calories. Maybe Cory went to go blog for a site that rhymes with Duh Bathmetic. We don’t know. We can’t get through the paywall.

Anywho, while I do write about the Kings (maybe blather on about is a more appropriate way to put it), I can’t just have this stupid joke of a fluorescent turd Disney spinoff going around unflushed. We need Cory, or anyone really, to plunge the toilet of Anaheim, and remove the Duck turds onto the tile floor that is the internet for all the world to see.

Who have the Ducks played lately? Toronto? Nashville?! Hey! Wait a second! These are the teams the Sharks and Kings play within a few days span! It’s like these teams are traveling through California right now, and just playing everyone here in one swoop. I can’t believe it.

Maybe three consecutive potshots at lesser, non-California cities gets old. I still think they deserve it. But more than anything, the Ducks are playing terrible and it’s not getting talked about as much as I would like it.

It’s disappointing. Everyone ignoring Anaheim was a long wish of mine, but now it’s come at a very inappropriate time. And if a lack of interest was what caused the Ducks to be miserable at hockey, they would never have winning seasons, so that can’t be the math behind it.


Someone please point out when the Ducks are terrible for me.