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The Senators should resign

Senators, resign.

Please join me in my call for the Ottawa Senators to resign, effective immediately. The allegations by 30 teams about their conduct are extremely credible, backed by video, audio, photographs, and print evidence.

The evidence stretches back over the last 3 decades, showing a pattern of abuse. I have personally found the following video evidence from back in 1992 shocking.

For those who cannot bring themselves to watch the entire clip (which is understandable, considering the upsetting subject matter), at least look at these stills.

These are extremely troubling allegations, and even more troubling images.

More video from 2008 confirms that this was not an isolated incident.

And it continued to this decade.

I simply do not see an innocent explanation for this.

This is against all morality and decency. The Senators should resign. We simply cannot tolerate this kind of thing any longer.