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What happened to Cory PART 1: He’s gone!

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Uh yeah, I guess that should be addressed

Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings
Dwight wonders
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

For the past month the Ducks have been playing the Arizona Coyotes. Wait, no that’s not right. For the past month, Cory, our resident Duck blogger/illegitimate son of Jer has gone missing. As to where, well, that’s anyone’s guess. Deported by Trump? Ground up into meatloaf for Chris Christie? Or killed in Bowling Green?

Probably none of the above, but we cannot prove otherwise. I can only assume he is dead. Unless one of you knows his whereabouts. If you do, please let us know.

And let him know he’s got a post to write tomorrow for the Kings vs the Ducks.

Today though the Kings play the Panthers. They likely won’t play well, and likely won’t make any deals to improve the team. They aren’t very talented, really have nothing to offer for the future, or have any inclination for sudden improvement. Sometimes we wonder if they even show up.

Much like Cory! My god, he became the 2017 Los Angeles Kings.

Prediction: The 2017 Kings refuse to write a gameday post.