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No time for this

I am tired, of life and hockey

Calgary Flames v Los Angeles Kings
everyone’s having a damn party
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It’s March Eleventh and it’s nine in the morning. It’s also 80 degrees out already and I want to die. See ya later, I guess.

I actually have to go get my few remaining teeth cleaned this morning, and this is on top of the fact I am tired from getting back and seeing Japandroids last night, and have a mild hangover. I don’t even get the drunk effects anymore. Just the lousy after residue.

The Kings play the Washington Trump Capitals tonight. The last time these teams played, the Kings got waxed, 5-0. It was part of a skid they have been in even now. That skid being a stretch of 5-9, where the two most recent wins were a overtime 4v3 power play winner and a shootout.

Add in that in their last four games the Kings only scored nine goals, seven(!) of which were from the power play. While it’s good to see the man advantage paying off, they only have one even strength goal in their last four (the other goal was a shorthanded goal in the last minute of a game where they were down by two and had a goalie pulled so you can put that one in whatever category you feel like).

So I’m gonna go get my teeth scraped and poked, slam some ibuprofen, and have a heat stroke. Have fun everyone. Stay hydrated.

Prediction: The power play stops working, but the Kings get one even strength goal. They lose 5-1.