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Mike Yeo is a terrible boss.

Want proof? This harrowing story from reddit user nascentia is clearly about Yeo. It’s about a bad manager at Staples named “Mike.” I think that’s all the proof we need.

My worst boss was my manager at Staples. I worked there during the summer and half of the fall semester of my sophomore year of college, and the store manager was atrocious in every way possible.

Assistant Floor Manager Mike Yeo

I received almost no training and was thrown right into electronics sales, knowing almost nothing about any of the products. We were told to push "CIPS" (pronounced Kips) - Cable, Ink, Paper, and Services (warranties.) He told me that our warranty was amazing and would even cover water damage, but when I actually bothered reading the print, it specifically excluded water damage. We didn't get any commission or perks for pushing CIPS, but we were shamed if we didn't sell enough.


Staples also had a rule that you had to call for cashier backup if there were 3 or more people in line, and he instructed me to call managers first so as not to leave the floor short handed. But he'd take FOREVER to come up front, so I'd have rung everyone up by the time he got there, which resulted in me getting yelled at for wasting his time.

“There are only 2 customers in line, Debbie.”

Another time, I had a question on a product, so I asked a coworker in the same department. Mike (the manager) yelled at me and said not to talk to my coworkers, and to come ask him when I had questions. So I would...and he'd yell at me for bothering him.

“Goddammit, I’ve got to update this spreadsheet for regionals, and you’re asking me about inkjet cartridges again, Debbie?”

He also refused to get rid of defective products. I sold one computer to a nice elderly couple, who returned it three days later saying it didn't work. So I took it in back and hooked it all up, and they were right - it was fried and needed to be repaired. So I told Mike. He didn't give a single shit, so he boxed it back up and sold it again. Twice. And it got returned both times.

“This Compaq is fine, okay?

I could go on and on about how absolutely awful it was to work there...terrible company, and he was the worst boss I've ever had the misfortune of working under.

Upper Great Lakes region Assistant Floor Manager of the Quarter for Q2 FY2014, Michael Yeo.

Blues @ Sharks

7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: “You’re closing on Fridays until further notice, Debbie.”