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Stepping on rakes with Sarah Spain

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Ok, this...this is a trap:

Don’t walk into traps, people! Actually, it isn’t even a trap. It’s a rake sitting teeth up in the grass, just waiting for ding dongs to step on it. Everything about it is stupid.

Sarah Spain has invited you to go to a rake-stepping lawn party, and she’s leading the charge!

Ah, there’s the biggest rake of all! The GENERATIONAL TALENT label. Step on it, Sarah! Repeatedly! Show us how it’s done.

I’m not going to break this all down, because it’s a collection of stupid premises (Cups == talent == leadership, intangibles are better indicators of true talent than stats, roster talent matters less than leadership, etc.).

Instead, I’m going to point out two guys.

Not a GENERATIONAL TALENT or LEADER: Ray Bourque, winner of one meager Stanley Cup in which he was, essentially, a rental. Also the all time NHL leader in goals, assists, and points by a defenseman. Also a 5 time winner of the Norris trophy.

Ray Bourque PC X
Crybaby Ray Bourque who couldn’t lead for shit compared to Jonathan Toews.

So let me introduce to you the GENERATIONAL TALENT that is...Darren McCarty!

  • 4 Stanley Cup wins
  • Emotional leader
  • Hated to lose
  • Locker room presence
  • Blue collar guy who showed those Euros and soft-as-pudding Yzerman a thing or two about work-ethic, and led to a dynasty

Name a person you’d rather have leading your team than Darren McCarty - taking into account talent, leadership, quality of person... is there anyone?

Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Victory Parade
A better leader than Jonathan Toews, by 1.
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Sharks @ Stars

5:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: Gotta step on a few rakes to prove a point.